A land of unmatched beauty

Gippsland is a region packed full of diversity offering unspoilt beaches, patchwork perfect hills and vibrant villages and vistas.

You’ll find the Latrobe Valley extending east from Melbourne’s fringes, to the coast in the south and all the way into the high country.

This unmatched blend of natural beauty combines with a breadth of quality venues to create unforgettable event experiences with a distinctive country feel.


Hopping from expansive coastal landscapes to misty mountains, alpine forests or the glorious Gippsland Lakes, there is a scene and a space to suit and exceed your needs.

You’ll have all the facilities of city life, combined with 90 miles of unspoiled beaches, rainforests, sea, snow and an abundance of lakes and rivers to elevate your next event in the Latrobe Valley.

Tour through East Gippsland on the Rail Trail

Celebrate the diversity of the area, with this trail that navigates through bucolic countryside, lost in time forests, vast floodplains, the Gippsland Lakes and spits you out at the momentous Snowy River.

Gippsland's All Kinds of Wonder: Little Wonders

No matter what time of year, there’s a place just beyond your backyard, full of little wonders. The sights and wonders right across Gippsland are ready and waiting to be discovered, by you.

A food lovers paradise

The Latrobe Valley is fast gaining repute as one of Victoria’s most prominent food and drink regions, with an ever-growing collection of local producers showcasing their wares.

Our local growers, producers and makers offer a delicious selection of fresh produce.

From cellar doors to market stalls there’s a vibrant food and wine scene flourishing across the region.

Locals also supply to the many restaurants and pubs in the area, so you’re in for gourmet Gippsland delights no matter where you dine.

Food festivals are also increasingly popular in the area, and people often flock to enjoy the tastes of the Latrobe Valley.

So why not season your next event with the flavours of Gippsland? There’s plenty of accommodation to support events of any varietal; from camping to 4 ½ star hotels there’s something
for everyone in the Latrobe Valley.

Get a taste of Gippsland when you bring your next event to town and take advantage of our delectable delights; it’s a perfect peripheral attraction sure to please any palette.